Formal Wear Etiquette

From Top Hat and Tails to Tuxedo – What to Wear When

At Al’s Formal Wear, we know how important it is to look your best on your special day, whether it be your wedding or your prom. We love helping our customers look and feel their best, and we understand that you want your special day to be as perfect as you’ve always imagined.

Compared to the challenge women have of finding the dress of their dreams out of countless options, men have it easy. The men just have to know their size, occasion, and personal preferences.5 groomsmen smiling upper body

While it may seem easy for the men in the beginning, knowing what to wear when can be a daunting thought. With over two million men going to formal events each year, Al’s Formal Wear is here to help. No matter the setting or tone of your special event, Al’s Formal Wear provides confident styling options for the momentous occasion of your wedding or formal affair. We are committed to assisting you with the selection of formal wear and accessories, and promise to help you get it right.

Men’s formal wear consists of several basic, styling essentials including jacket, pants, shirt, tie, and waistcoat (vest) or cummerbund. However, knowing which version of these basics matches what occasion is important. The following formal wear etiquette guide will help you in choosing the perfect attire for your special day. Just match up your event (Semi-Formal vs. Formal), setting (Daytime vs. Evening) and style (Traditional vs. Contemporary) to find the perfect attire for your event. Still confused? Visit us at your local Al’s Formal Wear location.

For formal daytime looks (before 6:00 p.m.), a gray cutaway is appropriate, or a contemporary tuxedo. For a daytime semi-formal look, try a black or charcoal tuxedo jacket. In general, daytime looks are more casual than evening wear, but it’s still equally important to look your best.

For an evening formal look, try a black tailcoat with a white wing-collar shirt, vest (or waistcoat) and a white bow tie. Ideas for a semi-formal evening look include a classic black tuxedo jacket in the winter, or a sharp white dinner jacket in the summertime. For semi-formal looks, formal accessories such as gloves are not necessary.

Still confused about what to wear to your next formal event? Visit your nearest Al’s location for even more personalized styling advice.

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