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Most frequent questions and answers

General Questions

You should never worry about how late it is – we never runs out of great style. But sometimes the most in-demand brands and styles get reserved early, so the sooner you can make your reservation, the more likely you’ll get your first choice of style and color.

We recommend reserving your tux or suit as soon as possible and at least three weeks in advance of the day of your event. Reservations made within 10 days of the event date will be subject to a $25 rush fee.

Tip: paying in full at the time of your reservation will ensure that your tuxedo pickup process is quick and seamless.

Come on in – you never need an appointment. If you want to avoid the lines, Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to be the best times to visit. You can also call the most convenient location for more inside info on when to come in.

Al’s makes it convenient for you to rent a tuxedo, depending on your budget and preference:

  1. You can pay $60 deposit when you reserve the tux, and it goes toward the price of the rental; simply pay the balance when you pick it up.

  2. You can pay the rental in full at the time you reserve it. The advantage with paying in full is a speedy in-and-out process if the store is busy on the day you pick up your tux.

The day before the event is the ideal day to come in, try it on and make sure everything fits. It your outfit comes in earlier you may get a call from us to stop in ahead of time. If you put extra time in the gym before and the tux needs a little alteration, there will be time to do it.

After trying on your tux in the dressing room, don’t forget to bring all your accessories with you!

Please return your tux to Al’s the day after your event. Make sure you remove personal items from all pockets, and don’t forget to bring all the accessories, as well as all pieces of the tux, so you’re not charged for them.

We hope not! Sometimes tuxedos are returned with personal items left in the pockets, and if that happens, we turn them over to Lost and Found. We suggest you call Lost and Found at our Corporate Office as soon as possible: 800-831-0902.

To locate an Al’s store, visit our Store Locator on our website.

Any coupon must be presented at time of purchase; it is not redeemable for cash. No other discounts or promotions apply and cannot be combined with any other offer. Limit 1 per customer. The rental must be ordered 21 days in advance of event in order to qualify for any promotion. Retail Discounts are applicable only towards in-stock merchandise for in-store retail items purchased. We may end any promotion at anytime without notice. See store for details. Click HERE to be notified about any upcoming promotions or special events.

You may be eligible to receive a partial or full refund of cancelled rental garments if cancellations are made a minimum of four weeks prior to the date of the event. Cancellations made less than 4 weeks prior to the event are subject to a $60 cancellation fee.

We rent AND sell tuxedos and suits! The products pictured on our catalog are available for rent. We have a few items from our rental catalog that are also available for purchase. We also carry additional styles for purchase, in-store. Stock varies by location.

Prom Questions

You want to be stylish and cutting edge, but you also want to be able to look at your prom photo 20 years from now and not wonder, “What was I thinking?” We have three new styles to meet that requirement, and all have modern fit or slim fit sizes available. No matter your size or shape, there’s sure to be a cut that makes the most of your assets and gives you the freedom and comfort to move.

First, check out the exclusive Michael Kors tuxedo, a jacket with a notch lapel, two buttons and side vents with flat front pants. Complement it with a matching vest if you like!

Or choose one of the new Johnny Wilde Colored Tux options. With choices in Royal Blue, White and Burgundy you will be sure to turn heads. The single-breasted, 1-button coat is shorter in length and features a modern shawl lapel with black satin trim on the edge, besom pockets, and a slim fit.

If your date has her heart set on a traditional style, check out Classic 2-button notch tux. This sleek black tux is a classic for the traditional black tie look and is priced to fit any budget at $99.95.

For more hot prom looks, check out our our “Build Your Tux” feature.

When you trust Al’s to outfit your prom memories, you’re assured that you will look great whether you’re on a tight budget or cost is no object!

Tuxedo packages start at $99.95. We have packages to fit anyone’s needs. A pants, shirt and tie package is only $49.99. Need everything but the coat? Get it all – shirt, pants, vest, tie and shoe for just $89.99.

If you are interested in a free rental tux, sign up to be an Al’s Formal Wear Prom Representative. Get five friends to rent their tuxedos from Al’s and get yours for free! See our formal wear consultants for the 4-1-1 on this amazing offer; some restrictions do apply.

Traditionally, yes. Talk to your date about her preference! There are many ways to coordinate as a couple: you can go “matchy-matchy” by having your accessories (the vest or cummerbund and tie) match the color of the dress. Or if you prefer, you can stick with a neutral and let your date’s dress color pop. A lot of people take on their own style and don’t necessarily match their date. The cool thing is it’s all up to you!

Unfortunately, we do not. For many young ladies, a prom (or wedding) dress is a keepsake item, much like a letter jacket or class ring, and is usually not a garment that they are willing to wear and return!

Never let anything stand in the way of the best night of your life, no matter how short the notice. At Al’s, we never run out of tuxedos. Come on in – even if it’s the day before – you’re sure to find something to make you look like a million bucks just in the nick of time.

The hard part is deciding what to wear, where to eat and what kind of flowers to purchase. Everything else should be a piece of cake! In order to be a perfect gentleman, make a great first impression on her parents and show her an unforgettable evening, follow these tips:

  • Pay attention to the tiniest details. Those dark pants and those shiny black shoes call for black socks, not the white gym socks you always wear. Smell nice, but don’t bathe in cologne. You’ve paid attention to your hair, but make sure your eyebrows are under control and that you didn’t miss a spot while shaving. And last but not least – check those teeth and pop a breath mint!

  • Make a good first impression and start the evening on a good note. Pick up your date in person and on time – ring the doorbell, exchange pleasantries, compliment her on how beautiful she looks, and tolerate the photo op with a smile and great attitude – she will appreciate that and so will her parents!

  • Dinner etiquette. It’s simple: If the table is already set, begin with the utensils that are placed outside and work your way in, toward your plate, with each course. Make the OK sign with both your hands. Your left hand forms a “b” – that’s where your bread plate is. Your right hand forms a “d” – that’s where your drink should be placed. B for bread, D for drink! No elbows on the table, never divorce the salt and pepper, place your napkin in your lap and remember to reward your server with a good tip. 20% of the total bill is a good rule of thumb.

  • At-prom behavior. Your date is the most important person in the room. Be friendly with your bros but don’t ignore your date.

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