5 Ways to Be a Star Groom-To-Be

Here are five things you can do for your future misses to be an incredible groom-to-be:

  1. Be understanding. Some women (but not all!) have been dreaming about their weddings since they were young girls. If she is adamant about any detail (however small), it’s probably really important to her. Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially if the Groom isn’t pulling his weight. Which leads me to the next tip…
  2. Give input. It’s your wedding too, and your fiancee will welcome some input from her groom-to-be. It can be extremely off-putting when a partner isn’t interested in any detail of the wedding.
  3. Be organized. Some tasks, like groomsmen fittings, should (and will) be up to you are your best man to organize. Don’t create a situation where your bride-to-be has to nag you.
  4. Take on a project. Volunteer to take on a wedding-related project to take something off your bride-to-be’s plate. Love music? Be in charge of choosing the band or DJ. Also, planning the honeymoon is often an easier (and extremely) fun project for the groom-to-be.
  5. Take her mind off the planning. Being engaged is a very important time in your relationship, so it’s vital that you don’t spend every waking moment together discussing the details. Periodically plan date nights where wedding talk is off limits.